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2/17/15 07:51 am - This journal is in need of a clean up

I'm probably going to sit down eventually at last private everything. It's been a while since I used this jouranl, and I'm going to use my Livejournal of the same name for concepts and ideas.

So the question now is... what is this journal going to be used for?

Well I started this back up for my friend who I met on Deviantart, [info]maidenmay, because she was trying to find a different environment for RPing and for her idea she had. For now though she's getting adjusted to the Journal thing. (also, this will help me to get back used to the journal system again because it's been a long while).

So I would probably be doing a lot of updating and fixing up of this journal where it's more user friendly, though I'm personally very attatch to the background so that's staying. A lot of things has happened over the years and hopefully this would have more good memories for now on instead of bad ones.

Also, hopefully I can eventually be able to use my old RP journals for something now that I'm back on IJ. ^_^;;

9/15/09 11:25 am - random questionair and whatnot:

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5/25/09 11:29 am - Last Unicorn: Black Unicorn fanfic; Character questionair

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5/3/09 01:08 am - because I feel like it.

yet another drabble, this time a bit more on the dark side of the spectrum.

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4/30/09 10:11 am

So Imma going to post something random. a bit board as I'm playing on the laptop out here in the living room while mum play on my Wii with the game FFCC: My Life as a King.

So here's a random drabble just for the hell of it:

Doubt? Nonsense! )

2/22/09 09:35 am - Two drabbles that are going to be from two compleatly different stories:

The first one is going to be for the sequel of the Lost Dragons, and the second one is how I picture how the past selves of Tero and Gab first met.


Drabble 1: Captured.

Sakura's hands were tied, quite literally too. She tried to figure out how to escape this cage that she was stuck in with the two daughters of Millerna, but there were a few problems.

She couldn't sneek out with the two girls while the four of those men were asleep, it was too risky for not only it would give them reason to kill the two girls, but also the fact that Francis, the one who tried to kill her brother, had keen senses and could tell weather she was escaping or not. She learned that one the hard way for she tried to do so many times before but with no luck.

The other problem was that Francis had made sure she wasn't able to escape with ease for she was the most tied up, and not with just ropes either. He also tied her down with spells and chains which wasn't easy to wiggle out she figured and realized.

In other words, the guy had EVERYTHING planned out, and if one part failed, he would quickly make a new part to it where it was used to his advantage. She looked out through the bars of the cage, she was in deep water now.

Meanwhile, Francis was reading his book in the carriage, his right hand man, Gertona, was a bit on the anxious side.

"Why are you so anxious?" The Jahya Clone never did look up, "I thought you were happy about the fact that we captured such beautiful women."

"But kill them? Granted I would careless about the other two, but Sakura's fate really wasn't what I had in mind with death." Gertona pointed out, sounding a bit disgruntled.

"I wasn't saying I was going to kill her." Francis put down his book onto his lap, "She's necessary to kill her brother."

Gertona paused, eyes wide with shock.

"What I'm saying is that from what you have told me and what I have seen, she's a needed piece in this chess game. However, it would prove difficult to have her pledge her allegiance to me, for she is very independent and headstrong. Much like her ancestor. Now this part is where YOU come in. Because she would be under your "care" for I would careless what you do to her, as long as she is able to fight when I need her to be." Francis pointed out, pleased with the reaction he was getting.

"So you're saying that she can be my lover if I wanted to. That she would be mine and only mine."

"Correct." He went back to his reading, "and don't worry, I'm also not forbidding you to use your new powers to do the task. It just may make your job a whole lot easier if you so desire."

Gertona smirked as he leaned back into his seat. He was going to like this job, more so then any time he was working with Express, "I'm liking this job a whole lot more now." he muttered under his breath.


Drabble 2: Save the last Dance

Mioko put a finger up to her lips when her handmaid tried to tell her not to go, "Relax, I'll be fine. As long as I'm not in a dress and have the mask and cloak on, no one would know."

"But Lady Mioko! The King of Gods said that you are not ready to-"

"I think I'm ready to meet the others. Why am I and Pheobe always the one who's locked away anyways? I'm much like the others in importance, not higher, so why hide me and Pheobe?" She pointed out.

The handmaiden had no answer.

"Now don't worry, I'll be fine." she left to the masquerade ball.

It didn't take the goddess of death long before she arrived at the ball. She felt odd as she walked in since she realized that she was one of the VERY few who wore black, actually to correct that, she saw NO ONE wearing black right at that moment.

"Talk about feeling awkward..." She muttered as she went straight to the window, passing one of the other gods, she looked realizing the clothing and recognizing the person from what she had heard.

"So that's the god of sin... creepy guy if you ask me." she muttered and quickly turned her back out of panic when he quickly looked in her direction. Red eyes burning right through her knowing that she said the wrong thing and she rushed away into the crowd.

Meanwhile Rasdanon sighed as his brother was nagging him yet again about going to these things.

"Wereannon, you know very well that we HAVE to go to these things, it's proper edict."

"Proper edict my ARSE! I mean look at this place! All stiff men and ugly women and no real good looking ones! If I had a say in this, it would be, 'I'm not going and you call can go to hell if you don't agree!'..."

"Wereannon..." Rasdanon pleaded, "Not at the ball..."

"I don't care! I've always hated these things and that-" Wereannon stopped when he noticed his brother staring in another direction and looked in that direction as well, "Oh... Was hoping it was a girl. But it was some weird chap with no sense of real style." Obviously talking about the cloaked figure who wore all black, "You have fun with your gay fantasy, I'll be going to find some better looking people.... who is OBVIOUSLY are girls... and hopefully they would be in need of my good looks." and left Rasdanon alone.

Rasdanon ignored what his brother had said as he walked towards the person who was standing at the balcony.

"Hello." He bowed, surprised to see such beautiful green eyes when the person turned.

"Oh... um... hello." Mioko sounded nervous, she too was surprise to look into the other person's eyes of golden brown, she tried to make a manly voice but was failing at it quite miserably.

Rasdanon tried not to laugh, he knew that it was a woman for she didn't know how to be manly one bit, "I see you are new here."

"Yes... well, this is my first time to these things." Mioko admitted.

"So what are you god of?" Rasdanon asked.

She stiffed up, she can't say her real profession and she new she was terrible at lying.

"I'm Rasdanon, God of Balance. I'm quite sorry if I imitate you, for I am actually quite the likable guy."

Mioko's heart sunk at the sound of this. Rumors went around saying that the god of balance was actually had no interest in women and was in fact was more interested with men. She bowed her head, "Oh, alright." She lost her attempting to cover her female voice.

Rasdanon noticed the change of tone, more disheartened then anything, he leaned over and whispered into her ear, "You know? I actually do like women. Just people have a tenancy to spread nasty rumors..."

Mioko flushed at this and felt her hand being taken up, "I... don't know how to dance." She squeaked a bit.

"No worries, common." Rasdanon pulled her to the dance floor while she protested a bit more but before she could add in more reasons, the music started up again, so she was stuck in doing so.

The god of sin watched the two intensely, Mioko could feel the same red, searing eyes in their direction.

"Who's red eyed Blondie anyways?" Mioko asked while shifting her head towards the man with red eyes.

"Him? Flameheart. The god of sin, and even though he's liked by many women, he has no interest in them, and if you ask me, the man would make ANYONE who is brave, cower in fear."

"You're telling me..." Mioko could feel a shiver up her spin, "Passed him earlier and boy did I wanted to be out of his line of sight."

Rasdanon smiled and spun Mioko around, "You never told me your name or your job as a god."

Mioko faltered a bit, "I... Uh..."

"RASDANON!" Wereannon's voice called out to his brother.

Rasdanon sighed, "What does the idiot want now?" He showed Mioko to the side, "wait here... I would like to have one last dance. I do hope you have an answer for my question." and left.

But Mioko stood there, should she tell him who she was, or did she have to lie to him? She really did not want to do the latter, so instead she decided to make choice C, leave the room with a small note in the area where she was before she left.

When Rasdanon sighed as he walked back, "I'm sorry-" he was cut short by the sight of no one there, only a note. He picked it up and opened it.

"I am sorry to leave you like this; however I thank you for the dance. I shall save my last dance for next time around, for you only.

~Woman in black"

He blinked and smiled, "Well, at least I would be seeing her again." and closed the letter again.

12/7/08 04:36 pm - Yes another drabble.

This time around it's if Aya, Scipio, and Mori were in "Gay Purr-ee" as cats. This is just for the hell of it and It would be more in Mori's point of view almost. With some of Aya's point of view.


Take my hand Purr-ee!

Mori did not like the idea of having fur on him. Being a cat was NOT what he had in mind. But the problem was, he needed to find Aya and that damn pirate Scipio. It didn't make matters any more easier when he tried to ask around, and no one understood him, or even he understood him. What was the language called? Oh yeah, French. He didn't know French, only common which apparently was called English here, and Drow. Once he found people who could speak common, they had not seen the one he was looking for.

"Damn it. I'm going to kill that damn pirate for hiding her." Mori growled as he prowled the streets.

"Well, Well, I see you are a cat of great stature!" A purring tone interrupted Mori's thoughts, and when Mori looked it was a cat who looked a bit shady to his liking.

"And you are?"

"Meowrice, at you're service." The other cat bowed.

Mori's furry eyebrows farrowed, "And I should trust you how?"

"Oh no need to worry, I'm just someone who is looking for a good client to retriever such a lovely woman. Some one with such a high respected stature such as yourself would like a pretty feline that I have found!"

Mori wasn't convinced, "really now?"

"You see, even though she may be blind-"

This caught Mori's attention, and came up with eagerness "Her name?"

Meowrice grinned at this reaction, "Aya Nightshade from what I have heard."

Mori grinned at his luck, "How much?"

"Only 50000 franks. Actually very priced well for if it was anyone else, It would be 2000000 who would ask for her without consulting me." Meowrice conjectured.

"Yes, very well priced indeed, I will have the money for you as soon as you bring her to me." Mori insisted but decided maybe he can trick this Meowrice into having him give him the girl while he did not pay.

"Alright then, but I will not hand her over until I see the money then." To Mori's dismay he a had already figured this plan out.

"I'm very respectful to things like this." Mori lied, but yet made it very believable.

"I do hope so." and the two shook on it.

Meanwhile Aya tried to purr but found it difficult. She knew she wasn't a cat and purring was odd for her. Madam Reubens-Chatte hit her face with her paw in fustration.

"No, no, and no! You're purrs sound worse then anything I have heard. Where do you come from again?"

"I'm not from Paris, or France at all, I'm sorry, but I'm not even suppose to be a cat." Aya said timidly.

"Not suppose to be a CAT?! This is ridiculous!"

Aya winced, her ears pulling back from this reaction, "I'm sorry..." now backing up a bit to only fall over some things and had books falling on top of her.

"Can you not see where are you going?!" The Madam yelled but then she paused seeing Aya's eyes better, "... you're blind... for real."

Aya only could nod.

"IT'S NO WONDER WHY YOU WALKED IN HERE BY MISTAKE!" The madam exclaimed, "Mewsette! Come here please!"

"Yes?" Mewsette asked as she walked in, "Is something the matter?"

Aya stood up a bit, her head bowed in embarrassment.

"See this bumpkin? This is Aya Nightshade, and she is going to be shown around Paris by you, and keep in mind that she is blind, I need her to get use to the city and have a better understanding on how we do things here, this may work for her as it did for you." The madam said while thrusting her chest out.

"Oh! Alright, Madam Reubens-Chatte. Come along." Now coming up to her and saw how innocent the girl was and had Aya follow her.

After a ways away from Madam Reubens-Chatte's place Mewsette looked at Aya, "I see you're new."

Aya nodded, "I did not mean to upset Madam Reubens-Chatte."

"Oh there are times she becomes frustrated quite easily. I've been in your boat before, but she'll be calmer once you get the hang of things."

"Oh." Aya followed, "So where are we going?"

"To the Cafe' of course!"

"Ca-fe'???" Aya blinked.

"You've never... heard of one before?"

Aya shook her head.

"Oh you poor thing! we must start things right away in getting you acquainted with Paris quite soon!" Mewsette said as she started to take her to one Meowrice took once before, now realizing that this girl, was much more innocent and naive then she was ever.

12/2/08 03:58 pm - changed some things.

I decided to do the rest of the bios for the Aya story into [info]egotistic_soul

And Ashely and I are starting a new thing with Sima Yi and Sapphire as we wait on the third person to start in [info]hearts_melody. The fun thing were doing is being held on [info]chaotic_soul.

so yeah, things are interesting right now. May edit this post to put links to the bios. or make a post just dedicated to that.

11/18/08 05:24 pm - Drabble out of wanting to do so.

came to mind from drawing "insane" mori ^_^;;;


Insanity is a Virtue

Mori's shoulder shook as he thought about the siutation. Not only was the girl was of the Nightshade family, but also she was more powerful then he ever expected from a half breed. Oh yes, he can quite use this one to his advantage. After coming to this conclusion, he reeled his head back and let out a bitter but yet insane laugh.

Farfello's feathers stood on end upon hearing the laugh, "Okay... Mr. Insanity has come back from the grave... Wait, he's always been there just never showed it." he muttered dully.

Mori grabbed Farfello around the torso and wings and pulled him closer to his face, from what Farfello could see wasn't the cold determiner that his brother put on 90 percent of the time, but the maniac he was truly was, the cold blood murderer who enjoyed inflicting pain and playing with people's mind to get things done, "This is it!! I can prove to those imbeciles on the surface what to TRULY fear from the drow socity!!"

"You, insanity or both?" Farfello couldn't help but ask.

"Don't you get it?! I can use the girl to my whim! She's the holder of the Fire Crystal no less! And not only that, she's obedient! YES! TRUE RULE AT LAST!" Mori's grip tighten as he laughed again, this time darker almost sinister then the last, "I can finally get rid of the low lives who stand in my way!"

Farfello coughed, "Can't... breath... here.... Mori.... help!!!"

Mori let go, but not out of sympathy for the now turned brother, "Go, find how far Zerce has gotten with taking Aya to where the fire crystal is. I need to know more!"

"Alright alright... better get out of here before creeping my out again...." and farfello flew away.

11/13/08 11:08 pm - Doing one last post before going to bed.

This just came to mind, may fix it up later when I get the chance. It's a Shamanic Princess Drabble with Aya and Giga in it as well.


Burning Phoenix

Giga sat at the table as she listened Teirra and Lena argue. She didn't want to hear this, not when her sister was in critical condition. But she kept quite as she was still in somewhat shock of the situation.

"You're really selfish Teirra!"

"I am!? Well, You're the one who betrayed the guardian world!"

"Betrayed? BETRAYDED!?"

"Stop it!" Giga's tone cut both Lena and Teirra off within the second, "Now is not the time to be argueing about such petty matters!"

"How are you call-"

"MY SISTER IS DIEING!! WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND! WE'RE NOT FROM THIS WORLD! SHE WAS PULLED FROM HERE AGAINST HER GODS DAMN WILL!!! I ONLY FOLLOWED TO PROTECT HER!" She stood up slamming her hands on the table, "And you know what?! We're ALL Selfish! Every single one of us! It just doesn't matter! The only one who WOULDN'T be selfish in this house is Aya! But Guess what! She's slowly dieing and I just-" She tried not to cry, "I just don't want to lose her.... I'm techally losing my baby sister, my pride and joy... but All I do is hurt her more if I try to help her..." and sunk down in her seat.

Teirra and Lena was devastated on what Giga was saying. They kept quite as they had a feeling she was going to continue talking.

"My only family... Aya was never liked by our father... our mother died while giving birth to Aya so I was her mother... at the age of 7 in Hume years... She's only 16... This would never of happen if I wasn't selfish and left her in father's care... and even though father hated her, she loved him back, only feared him, she never did have hate... even when she can't see. It's my fault that she's in this... and don't tell me otherwise because if I didn't leave her, she wouldn't of been so homeless when father died after she came looking for me two years prior. If I haven't left... she would of been able to live a happy life and not deal with this. She would of gotten the fire crystal, she-" Finally Giga broke down crying. She felt awful on Aya's situation that she couldn't handle it anymore, she couldn't keep that cold demeanor.

Teirra soften after hearing Giga's story. So that was why Giga was so protective of Aya. It was because she was the mother figure for Aya for all those years. She closed her eyes, "You've made a point..."

Lena nodded, "We won't argue... Giga, you should get some rest, Aya would be needing you healthy to help her through this..."

Giga shook her head, "I-I can't sleep now... What if-"

"She won't die on our watch, okay?" Teirra reassured the Half drow.

Giga looked up, she looked so lost and hurt that it hit both women hearts like a dagger, "I don't think I CAN sleep."

"Well try." Lena persisted, "You being sick will not help Aya any."

Giga opened her mouth to protest but closed her mouth when she realized it was futile to argue, "Alright. Please watch over her for me then." and went to bed.

Once the bed room door closed both girls looked at each other, a different feel in the atmosphere then there was before.

"So how do you think we are going to handle this situation... From the looks of it, we're going need a neutralizer..."

"And Kataku is in no condition to do so either..." Lena pointed out.

"My point, and Sara isn't here either..." Teirra sighed as she crossed her arms.

"But we can't just let her die!" Lena started to panic.

"I know, it's unfair for Aya if we do that. Because Giga is right, Aya has never shown hate to anyone. Only fear to a few such as that Mori person."

"So who's going to watch over her first? and how long would it be before we switch shifts?" Lena still was nervous about the whole thing.

"I'll start the watch, you make sure Giga doesn't try anything without herself resting. We switch every three hours." Teirra sighed, "And Sorry about what I said ealier..."

"I think we're all uptight now, so It's okay, I said a pretty bad things myself. Sounds like a Plan though, so see you in three ours then." and Lena left to check on Giga.

11/12/08 09:57 pm - doing this post as I wait for converstions

This one Is Scipio and Mori... Mori belongs to Ashely, Scipio belongs to me. Also keep in mind I'm just using FF12 terms from some things just because I feel like it. The scene is the "first meeting" of them. (mostlikely different when we actually get that far after we fix some other things up)


The Siryuu V.S. The Sea Wyrm

Mori glared down at the half elf, half hume. So this was the man who tried to take Aya away from him. He circled the halfling like a hawk stalking it's pray. No, he can not let this one take her away. Scipio didn't move though, nor didn't seem anxious with the movements. He just stood there calmly. This made Mori unnerved, why wasn't he bothered by the icy glare? He quickly went to the front of the other man.

"Who are you?"

Scipio smirked, "The name's Scipio. Traveler and pirate extraordinaire at your service! And you?"

Mori didn't like how the pirate addressed him while introducing himself, "Mori." was all he could say with a slight growl.

"Ah! So you're the 'scoundrel' who made Aya and Seraphina's lives a living hell! The old dragon who everyone fears." Scipio's smirked never dwindled.

"Excuse me?!" Mori pulled Scipio by the collar, "But for your infomation, half Hume, that we drow age MUCH differently then you lowlives of our bloodline! So do NOT call me old!"

Scipio didn't falter, "My, so I guess the rumors are true! That temper of yours truly gave you the title of dragon with good reason."

Mori's grip tighten, "I advise you to hold your tongue for you may very well lose it with those comments! This blasphemy of saying I am base will cost you dearly!"

"Oh? Like this?" Scipio mocked by literally holding his tongue but let go of it soon after, "I think not, feels a bit too weird if you ask me. And for your infomation, I wouldn't be saying blasphemy considering on the fact that you ARE base. Being the not so venerable in your manner and you prate on such little matters it get's quite tiring to hear your gourmandism of your pride."

Mori had enough with the snide comments and threw him into a wall as he let go of the collar. He soon walked over and kicked him in the stomach, "Learn your place, peasant!" pleased to see that there was blood coming from the mouth of the pirate. The Drow lord turned his back but soon spung around to kick him in the head quickly, knocking him to the floor and made him black out.


The guards came in.

"Take this half breed to the dungeons. No food, just water, I don't care if he's half dead when the execution is taking place. I want him to die with a slow, painful death for mocking me like he did!" Mori was pleased to see the guards pick Scipio up and drag him away with no gentle state of mind. He crossed his arms when the door closed, "One less problem to deal with. Now if only I can get rid of Seraphina in this manner." Now turning on his heels and leaving the throne room to retire for the night.

11/12/08 04:29 pm - Next Bio:

I may do bios for a good amount of the crystal holder universe. I'll add more to Scipio's such as his history and the weapon he uses, and put a link to his here. So The next one is...

Name: Millina

Age: 27

Race: Human

Occupation: Water Mage/traveler

Weapon: Large War Mallet

Relatives: None (her family and husband is descended).

Likes: song, dance, the ocean, water, her friends, cute/hansom men, skin tight cloths

Dislikes: Mori, the Underdark, Farfello, injustice, unjust rulers, Perverts, idiots, mini wizards.

Personality: feisty, sarcastic, playful, mischievous, energetic, good matured, snarky, blunt, nosy, temperamental, loud.

habits: bites nails and bottom lip when board, pouts when people annoy her, constanly find ways to humiliate unjust rulers, gets into trouble first before the others do, talk back to "annoying officials".

11/7/08 04:24 pm - Dumb laws in Flordia

But SOME of them I can answer WHY... My answers and sarcastic comments are in ( ). Some of them are the reasons and some of them are just making fun of the law a bit...

The state constitution allows for freedom of speech, a trial by jury, and pregnant pigs to not be confined in cages. (It's not called "red neck country" for nothing in North Flordia.)

One may not commit any “unnatural acts” with another person. (what? let people be abducted by aliens? Let them drown with Mermaids?)

Unmarried couples may not commit “lewd acts” and live together in the same residence (... The lewd Acts I can somewhat understand... but the living in the same residence?? Okay, paranoid much?)

Corrupting the public morals is defined as a nuisance, and is declared a misdemeanor offense. (.... NO DUH!!! of course it's annoying!)

Doors of all public buildings must open outwards. (Hurricanes that's why)

It is illegal to sell your children. (isn't that illegal in any state?)

Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner. (Wouldn't that be because you are electrocuted and burned when you do that?)

A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing. (Okay that's a bit going over board... what if the person doesn't even KNOW there such a law here and from a completely different place???)

If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle. (Um yeah, just like a horse, an elephant is something you ride on, so no difference there, just like a car or a truck as well)

It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit. (... what? afraid that men would get boners with hot girls singing in swimsuits and visa versa? oh wait... they already do that with just them in the outfit... my bad)

Men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown. (doesn't mean they can't wear sleeve gowns? sweet!)

Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal. (Wouldn't that hurt anyways?)

It is illegal to skateboard without a license. (LOL, what?!)

When having sex, only the missionary position is legal. (. . . . . No comment)

You may not fart in a public place after 6 P. (But it's a bodily function! what if you can't hold it?!

It is considered an offense to shower naked. (Um... Oxymoron much?)

You are not allowed to break more than three dishes per day, or chip the edges of more than four cups and/or saucers. (.... what, are you suppose to count how many times you break a dish before you call the police and say "oh come arrest me, I broke my dishes SEVEN TIMES today!!)

Oral sex is illegal. (not if it's private and no one tells)

You may not kiss your wife’s breasts. (... aren't you married? if she's your wife?)

Penalty for horse theft is death by hanging. (Once again... NORTH FLORIDA! Pretty much the horse is the new dog there. Yes they do have trucks and cars.)

11/6/08 06:28 pm - another drabble.

This time it's with Folken and Dilandau, Past before the actual story. It's also after the scene of Jeture: the Escaflowne Drama CD scene where Dilandau and Folken talk, Dil finding out that Van and Folken are siblings.

the first part is from the Drama CD and then goes into the drabble, here is the link for the full script of the Drama CD if you want to read the whole thing.

(part of the Drama CD before drabble)

Folken: That's right. It is proof that I am Van's brother.

Dilandau: Heh heh heh... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! I get it. No wonder you knew the Fanelian castle so well. In that case, you were really supposed to become the King of Fanelia, right?

Folken: I threw it away. The old world of Gaea steeped in tradition... Together with Lord Dornkirk, to attain the creation of a new world...

Dilandau: Ha... ha ha ha! This is too much. So that's it... I understand. You're bitter now. Your own reign unrecognized in your country... and your brother king instead of you!

Folken: The power of a great imagination...

Dilandau: Huh huh huh... it's all good with me. Heh heh heh... what fun... a reunion with Fanelia's king... Strategos, the dragon will be captured without fail. I will... heh heh heh... ha ha ha ha!

[Dilandau's footsteps and laughter fade in the distance]

[Whoosh! Opening the door, Dilandau leaves]

(end of scene from CD to Drabble)


As soon as Dilandau stepped away from the door, he bowed his head. What was he doing? His laughter faded as his expression turned from amusement to anger. Anger at himself. At least Folken KNEW where his younger sibling was. But he lost his little sister to those bastards who call themselves sorcerers. Took her without a trace no less. His hands clenched into fist as he glared at the floor.

It wasn't fair.

He yelled in anger as he punched a wall near by him. He now remembered why he joined Zibach in the first place. It wasn't to take revenge on Van, It was to find his sister. But what if she was dead? He punched the wall again. If she was, then they would pay, all those sorcerers who took her away. His hand slid from the wall back to his side.

"I'm sorry..." Was all he could say, knowing his sister wouldn't be able to hear even though he wished it did, "Sakura, I'm so sorry." and walked away.

Meanwhile Folken was listening through his door. He had a feeling that Dilandau would remember the real reason why he joined Zibach after he mentioned that he was Van's older brother. He started to feel somewhat sorry for the Albino. He then remembered a small girl who looked just like Dilandau, same eyes, same hair color. The only difference was that she looked so innocent, so lost. Folken turned his back to the door.

"So that was his sister. The poor child fell into the wrong hands. She shouldn't never of been with Arkin or in Zibach in that matter." He whispered to himself as he looked at his notes, "I would be surprised if she survive those experiments, but I hope for the best, that they would be reunited at least one last time." He closed his eyes. Things were going to become out of hand if Dilandau forgets the reason again.

11/3/08 03:54 pm - An VERY early Thanksgiving drabble.

Just came to mind while doing the word of the day Essay. Might as well elaborate on it a bit on here. This time around, It's with Sakura, Yuki and Dilandau. Yuki belongs to Ashly, Sakura belongs to me, and Dilandau belongs to the creators of Escaflowne.


Pizza anyone?

Sakura and Yuki stared at their burnt down house and aghast at the destruction. After a small bit of thinking, their expression turned into a dulled one. They had remembered that Dilandau was left alone in the house, and even though he was illicit from going near the kitchen, most likely thought it was a brilliant idea to start the Thanksgiving fowl while they went to the store to finish up the dinner. Not only he was terrible in cooking, but also of the fact that he had the tendency to be hypnotize by the flames and made it an awful mistake to endorse Sakura's pyro of a brother to even go near anything that created heat.

Sakura turned to her brother, "Dilandau?"

"Yes?" Dilandau knew what was coming to him.

"You are forever forbidden to come near a stove or a oven ever again. Unless I say so and feel SAFE allowing you to do so." Sakura crossed her arms.

"Yes, Sister." Dilandau said a bit dully.

"Good... Because I would LIKE Yuki and my house to be in one piece for Thanksgiving..." And turned back to the ruins, "So, who's up for pizza for dinner?"

"Can't we just cook the rest of the stuff at Jessica and Dilandau's place?" Yuki asked.

"And that sounds even better... and Jessica could tie down Dilandau as I cook."

"Not funny!" Dilandau growled as the three of them started in Jessica's home's direction.

11/2/08 03:55 pm - The attack of the random Farfello!

Well, more like a Farfello who want's to go Trick or Treating.... and tries to drag his DEARLY BELOVED brother along with him....... Farfello belongs to me, Mori belongs to Ashely.


Grim adventure of Farfello and Mori!

Mori's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he tried to read the book he had in his hand, "No, Farfello, I am NOT going to Trick or treating with you....."

"Aww, common, Momo! You would LOVE it!" The shorter twin pouted.

Mori flipped the page, "I'm not going."

"Please?" Farfello's whine sounded almost of a little child's.

"No means no! What part don't you get?!" The drow lord had to shift his glasses for it wouldn't hinder his reading.

"Pretty please? Aya would be trick or treating this year!" Mori whined again.

This time Mori paused and looked up from his book, his back turned to his brother, "What?"

Farfello blinked, "I said that Aya was trick or treating this year with her group..."

Mori had stood up and started to walk away, "If you lied to me about this... you're name is mud." and got dressed for the "event".

Farfello grinned at this, "No worries!"

Morta made an dull expression, "And what if she DIDN'T go trick or treating..."

"She will no worries!" Farfello had his cat like grin on.

"But what if she ISN'T... Don't for get... she's blind..."

"Oh... Um... well...." Farfello laughed a bit nervously, "I never did think that far..."

"idiot." Morta groaned.

11/1/08 02:31 pm - pic and three drabbles

Another drabble Three drabbles, this time between Mori and Aya. Well it's more about Mori in one of them, and It's what would be different if he wasn't at his organ when Aya was kiddnapped by the circus group, and the first one would be before the kidnapping. The Last one is what making the all three of them under the LJ cut because it would make the post long and it's a bit more... well... perverted in some cases but it doesn't go too far at least and is most likely not going to be part of the actual story. (then again, most likely NONE of these drabbles are going to be in the actual story). Mori belongs to Ashely, Aya belongs to me.

Three drabbles and a pic )

10/29/08 11:24 pm - Thoth's Replacement.

Instead of an Abbet as Aya's love interest, it's a Pirate named Scipio (yes, gave him that name just today and his name is based off the Thief Lord, but the character itself is based off of Bathier from FF12) This is what he is:

Name: Scipio

Age: 25

Race: Half elf/half human

Occupation: Thief/Pirate

Weapon: Rapier

Relatives: None (everyone in his family is dead or disowned by him so he lives on his own on his ship)

Likes: pretty girls (aka: Aya), song, dance, the sun, people who are good at heart.

Dislikes: Drows, Mori, the Underdark, idiots (aka: Farfello), mini people hitting him over the head with mini swords (Meaning: Skyscraper going batshit), his extreamely rich uncle who he disowned.

Personality: Sarcastic, playful, mischievous, energetic, brave, good matured, snarky when wants to be, blunt, nosy just a little, calm.

habits: starts fidgeting when starting to get annoyed or aggravated, constantly finding ways to insult Mori and/or rich uncle every moment he gets, flirts slightly when seeing a pretty girl (Aya).

Scipio: *Smirks* I bet the Old dragon isn't going to be wanting to see the "love interest" part at the beginning... since it involves Aya.

Marco: My, talk about a snarky one we have here.

Scipio: I'm just stating fact... I mean really, look at Aya's mental state when she's with him! The old man likes playing with her mind a bit TOO much if you ask me!

Berno: I don't think yer wanting to have the bloke 'ear you say that...

Scipio: Let him hear me out. ^_^ It's interesting and quite amusing watching him explode anyways!~

Berno and Marco: Your funeral....

10/28/08 03:57 pm

One for Aya and one for Giga when I do posts like these. =P

Now for a Giga little thing I decided to do. Mori belongs to Ashely but he may or may not be more sinister then he is really. It's where Giga is trying to get her sister back from Mori, but he's not going to let her go all that easily.


Right or Wrong?

Red eyes glared at the man in front of her as she held the bow and arrow, pointing it between the eyes. Giga was furious with Mori, how dared he keep her against her will and not give her the freedom she needs to keep mentally stable. The half Drow new that her sister was abused in the underdark when she left her with their father, which wasn't good to both Aya's mental and physical health. But to force her back down was beyond cruelty. She tighten the bow in her grip as she pulled the string to it's full tension.

Mori's surprised expression morphed into a sicking smirk, "So you live."

"Cut the crap, Mournic!" Giga growled as she kept her glare on the full drow lord.

The expression dwindled a bit by his real name, "Don't over step your boundaries, Wench."

"Try me."

"Alright, I will." Mori sneered, "Now, tell me, is this really what Aya would want you to do? stay the murderess you are now?"

Giga stopped, and dropped her position just slightly. No, this wasn't what Aya wanted.

The smirk became full blown again, "I don't believe so, so now, next question, would you want your beloved sister heart broken if you just simply continued this blood stained life style? Because once you kill me, I doubt there's any turning back to amend the relationship you once had with your sister."

Giga paused as she thought about it. Aya was the gentle soul who wouldn't hurt a fly, the very heart of what was good in the world. Would really continue this really hurt Aya that much? After thinking about it more, Giga remembered something. Aya wouldn't hurt not so much, since she knew why she was doing it. She remembered the one time Aya tried to convince her to stay, even though she was a murderer. She pulled her arrow back to it's full force again, but by the time she did so, Mori was out of her sight.

There was a laugh behind her, "Whoops, I got a bit impatient as you thought things through!" and soon felt a foot into her back. Sending her flying into one of the walls near by, "That was FAR too easy in my opinion." another dark laugh, "I'm disappointed on how you were thrown into the wall so easily this time around, was expecting at least some resilience when I kicked you when I did."

Giga got up slowly since she slid a bit from the impact. She could barely feel her face but she was able to stand up neither the less. He seemed stronger this time around, she didn't understand why. She turned around a bit, "Bastard."

"Why thank you for the LOVELY complement." Mori sneered as he packed a punch into Giga's stomach, forcing the wind out of her, "You're just too kind!" followed by a knee in the sternum.

Giga fell to her knees after this, trying to catch her breath. There had to be a way around this, She noticed that Mori was using quick movements, but slower then a lot of the movement she can do since he had more strength then speed, so she just had to be faster. So as he was about to finish off the combo with an ax kick to the back, she quickly flatten herself to the floor and rolled out of the way before his heel could take contact, forcing his foot to it the ground instead, and sprung up into an hand stand, making her heels hit in him under the chin, sending him staggering back slightly. Just moments after she landed into a back bend and stood back up she quickly ducked a swing of the arm and tried to trip him with her leg. Which Mori just barely jumped over, but Giga was ready for that for as soon as she did that she did a springing flip kick into the air as her back was turned towards him and got him again in the chin as soon as she sprang from the ground. But before she could fully gain her balance, Mori found the upper hand and tripped her as soon as she landed on her feet and pinned her to the wall with a dagger by the wrist. Giga yelped in pain as the cold blade cut through her flesh and muscle, and gasping when he pinned the other wrist with the arrow she had before.

Mori wiped some of the blood from his mouth, "That should keep you still for a while as I leave you here to rot." now backing away, "Aya doesn't know you're alive. What she doesn't know won't hurt her I think." the smirk started to form again, "Have fun in the after life." and left.

10/24/08 04:56 pm - Things are turning up.

So this time I'll type in something to release the boredom while I wait for something to convert for I can play on Photoshop (trying something new since CS3 has the ability).

It's a little idea I came up with for Aya and Zaktar and it would kinda not fit in any part of the story most likely.


Thoughts and Doubts

Aya laid on the bed as she listened to the silence around her. Her face was turned towards the ceiling and blank sea green eyes were dulled from thought. She didn't know what to do anymore. Ever since the death of her sister, and the death of Scipio, she's been lost on what to do. It helped that she was kidnapped by the circus group, but only for a time. Now that they are staying in the inn, and in the morning was when they would start their first day of entertainment in the town.

"Aya?" Zaktar's voice sounded concern as he spoke into her head, "You've been quite all day. Are you feeling alright?"

Aya closed her eyes and sighed, "I just don't know what to do anymore... ever since-"

"The deaths happened you've at a lost, is that it?" Zaktar's tone never did change to show anger or anything, just kept calm and soothing.

"Yeah, that's pretty sums it up." Aya admitted.

"Understandable. If I was in your situation, I would of felt the same way." Zaktar mentally patted Aya's head, "And it doesn't help matters that you're pretty much on the run from Mori since you are married to him. If I wasn't just a spirit in the crystal, I would of at least DONE something."

"It's not your fault." Aya sat up on the bed, "It's not really anyone's fault. It's just me probably over thinking again."

There was a pause before Zaktar answered, "So you're pretty much putting all the blame on yourself."

Aya nodded, "If I didn't involved the others, or Giga in that matter, or even Scipio, the situation would most likely wouldn't of happened like this. If I stayed unknown, I probably would of had the people I cared for still alive and Seras most likely been able to find a solution to her situation by this point, and I'm afraid for the group who's traveling with me now. What if they suffer because of me? They've all been so good to me, and what kind of thanks they would be given if they would have to deal with Mori's wrath because of me?"

Zaktar just kept quite as she said this until she had finished, "Aya, it's not your fault, it's not like that at all. I doubt things would be any different, it would of most likely happen, just at a later date and/or time."

"You sure?" Aya wasn't to sure.

"I'm positive." Zaktar reassured her.

There was a pause from Aya this time, "Okay..." She said after a while.

"Good." Zaktar mentally smiled, "Now how about you go down to eat. I also noticed that you weren't able to eat all day so it may be a good time to do so."

"Alright." Aya started her way downstairs to eat.
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